Miasms Series

Most homoeopaths accept the three miasms that Hahnemann described —psora, syphilis, and sycosis—and two more that have been described by subsequent masters—the tubercular and cancer miasms. The names can be confusing, as miasms are named for diseases but bear only a loose relationship to the disease for which they are named. Beyond those five miasms, others have been observed, such as ringworm, rabies, and so on, and questions have been raised about whether emergent diseases, such as AIDS, fall within existing miasms or create new ones.

In bringing in the frequencies that are embedded in the Essences, Gaia has presented global miasms which generate a pervasive residue of degeneracy of mind, emotions, and actions in our world. From Gaia's perspective, poverty, world hunger, and greed are MIASMs. Ebola, Aids, and other bio-engineered disease fall under the category of global miasms.

For example: hatred for the Divine Feminine promulgated by organized religions over time, particularly any religion that supports blood sacrifice and murder to uphold its tenents is a global MIASM.

Understanding the fundamental nature of frequency, information, and energy, we offer Essences that address a variety of global miasms. The majority of our Miasm Essences are available for purchase only if you are a member of Living Lessons Library conscious co-creators group. One of our practitioners can recommend a specific miasm after a quick consult. You are empowered to liberate your meta being, or oversoul, from energy-entanglements with a global miasm.