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Written Remedy: Affidavit/Soul Sovereignty

Responsive. Proactive. Gene Keys Resonance.

We are multidimensional beings seeking Wholeness in every expression of life. In a fragmented, unconscious state, we make agreements, enter into contracts, have curses put on us, put curses on others, cast spells, and make choices that we both remember and deeply regret as we move closer to our awakened experience of being Whole.

We can continue to choose separation. We can choose to invest in the illusion of free will when we don't yet realize that it is soul sovereignty and clear, loving connections we long to experience. Or? We can choose making amends, rescinding dark agreements, and soul sovereignty.

The Written Remedy Affidavit bears truthful testimony of soul sovereignty and healing intention towards oneself and loved ones. The associated document cannot infringe on the free will of another. The Affidavit is a shared transmission of information created to rescind undesirable, UNCONSCIOUS contracts, and agreements (spells, too). The associated document is to be read out loud at least once a day with its recommended water processing, preferably for minimum and consecutive 30-day cycle.